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IRC Chat Room

Last updated 30 May 2017

What is this?

This is the information page for Zim Desktop Wiki's support IRC chat room.

Port:     6697 (enable SSL)
Channel:  #zim-wiki

Zim Desktop Wiki is a graphical text editor used to maintain a collection of wiki pages in text files. The chat room is not about Kiwix, which uses an binary database format called "ZIM".

Zim is supported on GNU/Linux and BSD desktops, and also on Windows. It is reportedly possible to install it in OS X as well, but there is no official installer.

Is the Zim Desktop Wiki project still alive? No release has been made in a long time.

As of 2017, a major refactoring effort has been under way for over a year, and some components may be ripped out and replaced entirely. Everyone involved has a day job so Zim doesn't have a release schedule. The project isn't dead unless no commits have been made on GitHub in a very long time.

Zim 0.65 is quite stable, with a few imperfections here and there. Zim 0.66 was released in 2017 but turned out to be beta-quality according to the project lead. The team will likely make further release in 2017 fixing the problems that came up in 0.66.

How can I access the Zim chat room?

If you are already an expert IRC user, use your favorite IRC client to access the chat room with the parameters listed above. Freenode's web site has more details about connecting to the network.

If you are new to IRC, the easiest way to access the chat room is to go to
to run Freenode's instance of qwebirc directly in your browser. You don't have to configure or register anything; just pick a nickname no one else is using.

What kind of discussion is allowed in the chat room?

You can talk about anything related to Zim Dekstop Wiki:

If you want to share a large piece of text relevant to your question (such as a debug log), please post it on a site like Pastebin, and then share just the URL in the chat room. Don't forget to make sure there are no secrets (passwords, API keys, etc.) in your post!

Off-topic discussions are welcome whenever nothing else is happening. Please follow Freenode policies; no commercial advertising, unlawful behavior, or impolite topics.

May I be constantly logged into the chat room and offer help to others?

Please do!

Who is in charge?

Brendan Kidwell (bkidwell) is the channel owner. He is also the maintainer of the Windows installer package for Zim.

No one is responding to me.

bkidwell is almost always logged in and virtually lurking, but sometimes he is not actually at a computer or connected from a handheld. Try again later.

Where else can I get help?

If you think you have encountered a bug but you're not sure, posting on the mailing list is a good way to find out. Make sure you explain your setup (your OS, your desktop environment, and whether you have a current or older version of Zim) and how to reproduce your problem.