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Zim Desktop Wiki for Windows

This is an archive of Windows installer for Zim Desktop Wiki prior to version 0.70. Zim Desktop Wiki is a wiki-style notebook that uses local file storage.

For the most up-to-date Windows installer for Zim, please see the main Zim Desktop Wiki project web site.

screenshot of Zim Desktop Wiki

Current Releases


Date25 February 2019 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-desktop-wiki-setup-0_69_1.exe    (16.66 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzim-desktop-wiki-portable-0_69_1.exe    (16.71 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

See the CHANGELOG for changes in the upstream main project.


Date25 February 2019

There is currently no official Windows build of Zim Desktop Wiki 0.70. A new packaging process needs to be built that takes into account: using Python 3 instead of Python 2; using GTK 3 instead of GTK 2; dropping Py2exe and probably switching to Pyinstaller.

Updated 17 July 2019:

I have stepped down as Windows package maintainer for Zim. Here is my message about this on the mailing list.

I have published instructions to install Zim manually from source on Windows on Zim's GitHub wiki.

Older Releases

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More About Zim Desktop Wiki

License GPL 2
GPG Key Use Brendan Kidwell's GPG key and the .sig files on this page to verify integrity.
Upstream Project
Source Page
See build instructions in ./windows/README-BUILD-win32.txt
Support Page
Join the mailing list.
Chat Room #zim-wiki on Freenode
Issue Tracker
Mention that you're using the Windows build if you report a bug.
Donate See the Donation setction of the Contribute page.