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Zim Desktop Wiki for Windows

This is the Windows installer for Zim Desktop Wiki, a wiki-style notebook that uses local file storage.

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screenshot of Zim Desktop Wiki

Current Release


Date10 July 2017 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-desktop-wiki-setup-0_67.exe    (16.64 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzim-desktop-wiki-portable-0_67.exe    (16.69 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

Lots of things that were broken in the 0.66 release have been fixed. See the changelog. Copy-to-clipboard still fails sometimes but mostly works. (This will not be fixed in current GTK2-based development line.) Spell check is not included; you must run from source to get spell check in Windows.

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More About Zim Desktop Wiki

License GPL 2
GPG Key Use Brendan Kidwell's GPG key and the .sig files on this page to verify integrity.
Upstream Project
Source Page
See build instructions in ./windows/README-BUILD-win32.txt
Support Page
Join the mailing list.
Chat Room #zim-wiki on Freenode
Issue Tracker
Mention that you're using the Windows build if you report a bug.
Donate See the Donation setction of the Contribute page.