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Date25 February 2019 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-desktop-wiki-setup-0_69_1.exe    (16.66 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzim-desktop-wiki-portable-0_69_1.exe    (16.71 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

See the CHANGELOG for changes in the upstream main project.


Date25 February 2019

There is currently no official Windows build of Zim Desktop Wiki 0.70. A new packaging process needs to be built that takes into account: using Python 3 instead of Python 2; using GTK 3 instead of GTK 2; dropping Py2exe and probably switching to Pyinstaller.

Updated 17 July 2019:

I have stepped down as Windows package maintainer for Zim. Here is my message about this on the mailing list.

I have published instructions to install Zim manually from source on Windows on Zim's GitHub wiki.


Date13 April 2018 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-desktop-wiki-setup-0_68.exe    (15.24 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzim-desktop-wiki-portable-0_68.exe    (15.28 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

See the CHANGELOG for changes in the upstream main project.


Date12 February 2018 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-desktop-wiki-setup-0_68-rc1.exe    (15.24 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzim-desktop-wiki-portable-0_68-rc1.exe    (15.29 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

Please backup your data! This is a "release candidate" build!

See the CHANGELOG for changes in the upstream main project.


Date10 July 2017 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-desktop-wiki-setup-0_67.exe    (16.64 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzim-desktop-wiki-portable-0_67.exe    (16.69 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

Lots of things that were broken in the 0.66 release have been fixed. See the changelog. Copy-to-clipboard still fails sometimes but mostly works. (This will not be fixed in current GTK2-based development line.) Spell check is not included; you must run from source to get spell check in Windows.


Date17 June 2017 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-desktop-wiki-setup-0_67-rc2-win-2.exe    (16.64 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzim-desktop-wiki-portable-0_67-rc2-win-2.exe    (16.68 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

Please backup your data! This is an unstable and largely untested release!

Since 0.66, we've fixed a few major issues in the main Zim project. (See the CHANGELOG.) We'e also significantly cleaned up the process and documentation around the Windows installer build process.

Since the first build of 0.67-rc2, I have restored some missing binary files, fixing breakage of starting child processes (Edit Source, etc.) and decoding SVG files. The Portable build is an NSIS installer again (smaller than a Zip file).

I was not able to make a unified NSIS installer .exe for Desktop and Portable builds together, because Desktop requires a UAC prompt for admin privileges, and Portable requires that we don't bug the user with that. NSIS doesn't allow you to trigger the UAC prompt AFTER you've made your installation option choices.

I made another attempt and failed to get Spell Check working.


Date13 June 2017 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-desktop-wiki-setup-0_67-rc2.exe    (14.72 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable    (25.27 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

Please backup your data! This is an unstable and largely untested release!

Known issues:

Windows build process changes:

  • Cleaned up build README a lot.
  • Cleaned up build process a lot.
  • Added "README for Zim for Windows" file -- it's in your Start Menu / Zim Desktop Wiki folder.
    • README mentions where you can find your Plugins folder!
  • Removed dependency on for the portable launcher and portable packaging.
  • Created our own standalone NSIS-based portable and DEBUG MODE launchers (see new README in ./windows/src).
  • Removed requirement for build person to download "Microsoft.VC90.CRT" folder; found it in %WINDOWS%\WinSxS.
  • Created Python script that runs the desktop installer builder.
  • Prepared to merge Portable installer with Desktop installer (one package); it's not done yet; for now we're shipping a Zip file for the Portable version.

Still yet to be done on the Windows build process:

  • Desktop and Portable build in a single installer .exe.
  • Integrate missing Spell Check files into the package so the plugin works.
  • See if Windows clipboard access is still a problem and investigate and fix.
  • Test on several versions of Windows

See also the CHANGELOG for changes in the upstream main project.


Date7 May 2017 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_66_2017-05-07.exe    (16.41 MiB)    sha256sum
Portable Installerzimdesktopwikiportable_0_66_paf.exe    (16.43 MiB)    sha256sum

Special thanks to Stephen Dintaman for assistance with this build cycle.

There have been reports that this release doesn't start up on Windows 10. If you can't get it to work, I recommend you use the release 0.65 until I can fix it.


Date18 January 2016 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_65_2016-01-18.exe    (18.31 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzimdesktopwikiportable_0_65_paf.exe    (18.32 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

(0.64 was skipped because of reported problems; 0.65 was release upstream right away, but the Windows build was several months later.)


Date6 July 2015 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_63_2015-07-06.exe    (16.76 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzimdesktopwikiportable_0_63_paf.exe    (16.80 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

Now supports tables with included plugin!


Date14 October 2014 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_62_2014-10-14.exe    (22.25 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzimdesktopwikiportable_0_62_paf.exe    (13.27 MiB)    sig    sha256sum


Date5 August 2014 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_61_2014-08-05.exe    (22.37 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzimdesktopwikiportable_0_61_paf.exe    (13.32 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

Known bug: At least one user is reporting an apparent failure to start the app.


Date7 May 2013 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_60_2013-05-07.exe    (21.30 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzimdesktopwikiportable_0_60_paf.exe    (12.64 MiB)    sig    sha256sum


Date25 January 2013 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_59_2013-01-25.exe    (21.24 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzimdesktopwikiportable_0_59_paf.exe    (12.61 MiB)    sig    sha256sum


Date26 December 2012 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_58_2012-12-26.exe    (21.24 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzimdesktopwikiportable_0_58_paf.exe    (12.60 MiB)    sig    sha256sum


Date9 November 2012 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_57_2012-11-09.exe    (21.24 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzimdesktopwikiportable_0_57_paf.exe    (12.59 MiB)    sig    sha256sum


Date3 April 2012 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_56_2012-04-03.exe    (21.10 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzimdesktopwikiportable_0_56_paf.exe    (12.51 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

Fixes: Bug 923679: Zim 0.54 doesn't work on Windows XP as well as a number of upstream bugs.


Date17 February 2012 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_54win2_2012-02-17.exe    (20.49 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzimdesktopwikiportable_0_54win2_paf.exe    (12.10 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

Fixes: Bugs listed in change log and also enhancements to the portable installer – and trying to fix Zim 0.54 doesn't work on Windows XP.


Date16 January 2012
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_54_2012-01-16.exe    (20.89 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzim-setup-0_54_2012-01-16.exe    (20.89 MiB)    sig    sha256sum


Date20 September 2011 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_53_2011-09-20.exe    (20.13 MiB)    sig    sha256sum
Portable Installerzimdesktopwikiportable_0_53_paf.exe    (12.00 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

Fixes: Bugs listed in change log and also enhancements to the portable installer.


Date17 February 2011 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_50_2011-02-17.exe    (22.39 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

Fixes: lots Known bugs: Default notebook preference not saved (Zim 0.49, Windows Vista); Spell check library still not included with installer


Date30 November 2010 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_49_2010-11-30.exe    (22.30 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

Fixes: jpeg62.dll not found; Zim tries to write to log in "Program Files" and fails (now writing to $USERPROFILE/.config/zim); windows build ignores system locale; cannot open another notebook Known bug: 0.49 fails to start on a new installation with no existing notebooks. See if this workaround applies to you.


Date1 August 2010 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_48_2010-08-01.exe    (17.40 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

Known bug: cannot open another notebook – Once you've opened one notebook, the Open command always fails after that. Workaround: be sure to register *.zim files to zim.exe during the installer, and just browse to the notebook's .zim file in Explorer and double-click it.


Date13 April 2010 (changelog)
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_46_2010-04-13.exe    (16.89 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

Known bug: No handlers could be found for logger "zim.fs" – displays an error message about this every time you quit.


Date6 March 2009
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_28_2009-03-06.exe    (22.31 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

(Perl version before the port to Python.)


Date27 February 2009
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_28_2009-02-27.exe    (22.30 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

(Perl version before the port to Python.)


Date16 February 2009
Desktop Installerzim-setup-0_27_2009-02-16.exe    (24.37 MiB)    sig    sha256sum

(Perl version before the port to Python.)